last night’s dream

I’m visiting some guy, and the first thing I notice when I get to his house is that he’s crouched on top of the blade of a giant ceiling fan and letting it spin him around. Next I see that he has a system of clear tubing that runs throughout the house, supplying fresh spring water to every room. One end of this tubing feeds into a room which is in fact a giant aquarium where he keeps large beasts of the sea, including a gigantic eel. He somehow entices the eel into the tubing (note: Freudian analysis is not welcome on this post), at which point it doubles back on itself and gets stuck. While trying to free itself, it splits in half, and the head-half takes off through the tubing while the butt-half flops out into the bathroom in a multi-colored bloody mess, which he tries to show to me. I’m watching from closed-circuit tv in another room, disgusted by the whole ordeal.

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