you can’t make this shit up

Okay, last night’s dream: I’m lying in bed with Alec Baldwin (in a platonic sort of way–I’m at his feet, perpendicular to him) and he’s confiding to me that his occasional nighttime incontinence is getting him down. I tell him to wear Depends when he’s sleeping and not to worry too much. Our conversation is relaxed and familiar, as if we’re together in this setting all the time.

What the fuck?

2 thoughts on “you can’t make this shit up

  1. I once met one of the lesser Baldwins- the drunken psycho one, I think. He came into the store i was working in, and i hardly noticed him until one of the other girls pointed him out. He then launched into some tirade at us for hassling him and how famous he was. We just stood there and made fun of him until he left in a huff. He sure had his Depends all up in a bunch.

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