so far this year

-We harnessed the power of microwave technology

-My son made a new friend (who is, incidentally, a middle-aged Russian man with whom I once had a heated argument about whether Annie Hall is a good movie, with him stating “It’s not even a movie, it’s just people talking”)

-I announced that I refused to participate in any time-limited activities without the use of a chronograph, and my request was complied with

-I lunched on an exemplary homemade grilled cheese made with big slices of cheddar and an unreasonable amount of dijon mustard

-Free cake from a psych patient

We’re off to a good start.

One thought on “so far this year

  1. > “It’s not even a movie, it’s just people talking”

    By that definition, one of the greatest movies ever made (My Dinner with Andre) isn’t even a movie.

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