“god, i love that kid”, vol. infinity

This morning my son and I discovered a spider dangling about halfway between the floor and the ceiling.  I’m a pretty tough, liquor-swilling, own-car-digging-out modern gal, but truth be told I don’t like dealing with bugs.  I also figure it’s best not to instill values like “kill things you don’t like” into my son at his early tender age, so when we noticed the spider, I quelled my instinct to squish it in a paper towel and was all, “Oh, what’s he doing?  Let’s just leave him alone and look at him.”

But my son, hale and hearty Viking that he is, watched the spider for a minute and then yelled, “Hey, bug!  How about I crash you?  And then when you fall on the ground I’ll pick up a big thing and crash you again.”

The spider promptly retreated up its thread and hid in the ceiling panels.  I’d say the boy’s development is coming along nicely.

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