sounds like *someone’s* got a terminal case of the mondays!

Today I was in the office (a place I rarely go, since as a hospice nurse I work out of my car) to pick up some supplies. In the bathroom, I ran into a co-worker who remarked “You’re not usually here around this time—you’re confusing me!” To which I responded, “I’d love to not be here,” in accordance with office banter rules.

Then, my boss stealthily emerged from a stall and said, “Every day you’re not on the census of a hospice agency, you’re lucky.  Remember that we get to put on regular clothes and leave the house and come here.  I had a patient who always used to remind me of that—oh, I loved her.”

I think it’s safe to say that this was one of the most thorough bustings by a boss that happened in our nation today.

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