scaredy cat

Last night I had just managed to drift off to sleep when I was jolted from the land of Nod by a sound from the kitchen.  I could hear someone’s clothes rustling as they slowly and stealthily made their way towards the bedroom where the mister and I were reposed.  Still in a hazy twilight phase of consciousness, my body produced a cascading reaction of pure animal terror even as my mind perceived that the cat had jumped onto the bed and was creeping towards me, the sound of her paws on the comforter erroneously mapping as the sound of an intruder in the next room.  Though the whole thing lasted no more than a few seconds, my heart was pounding so furiously that it hurt and seemed to echo throughout the quiet room.

In the morning I reviewed scary experiences from my past–roller coasters, car accidents, bomb scares–and nothing even came close.

4 thoughts on “scaredy cat

  1. The thing I really hate is when something scares you awake while you’ve been dreaming and your brain is still full of whatever that chemical is that prevents you from moving – takes a couple of seconds to wear off after you wake up… so you’re terrified AND paralyzed!

  2. It seems that a fair percent of your blog posts are of the form “I woke up terrified that someone would attack me in my own home”.

    I keep a loaded shotgun and I’ve never ever ever worried about it.

  3. Dan, that’s the worst! It hasn’t happened to me in years but I remember it being awful.

    Travis, owning a gun is not a reasonable solution to the problem, which is that I have a nervous temperament. I don’t think it would make me feel any safer as most of my fears are quite irrational. And logistics-wise, this is what I’ve always wondered: if you had little kids, how would you simultaneously keep the gun immediately accessible enough to defend yourself in an emergency, as well as keep it tucked away enough that there would be a 0% chance of your kids hurting themselves with it?

  4. I have little apple seedlings growing on my windowsill, and I have been checking them obsessively every few hours. I have been worrying sick about protecting them from the cat. I can’t imagine how much more worriedly obsessive I would be if they were real babies.

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