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My fact-finding team (which consists of myself, sitting on the couch eating grapefruit) informs me of something wonderful concerning the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Whisperer in Darkness”.  Apparently while he was writing the story, which concerns an alien race who have an outpost beyond the known limits of our solar system, Pluto was discovered.  He was so excited by this coincidence (“coincidence”?) that he wrote a letter to his friend being all “Jigga whuuuut!”  which is how we have evidence of this bitchin’ fact today.  How fortunate that he passed long before the blasphemous reclassifying of Pluto as a “dwarf” planet.

4 thoughts on “bitchin’ fact of the day

  1. When Cthulhu rises from his nefarious slumber, he will destoy all those who deny Pluto’s planetary status. Oh maaan, I love me some Lovecraft.

  2. yeeeeeah…see but it’s not a planet…thus the correction

    Any arguments you offer to the contrary I will strike down with my vast, VAST knowledge.


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